Welcome friends and fellow bread lovers! If you are obsessed with the crackle of a good crust, the sweet tang of high-hydration/long fermented/naturally leavened loaves, and the benefits of probiotically powered bakes, then we’re both in good company.

My bread is made from three ingredients: high quality flour, water, and salt, and crafted over a period of about 36 hours from start to finish. Because of the long fermentation process, the gluten and dietary fiber is broken down into a much more digestible food and more accessible to the microbes in your own gut; this means that some people who are gluten intolerant can actually tolerate real sourdough bread. Unfortunately, this does not apply to celiac or other full on wheat allergies, since it still is a wheat product.

As of the end of August, I’ll be based in Pocatello, ID; if you are interested in ordering directly or during the week, please shoot me a message on Facebook, or call/text the number in my page profile.

For my friends and fam in Missoula, we will be returning next year and I plan to continue there as well; so if you can hold out, I’ll be there soon!